This is a factor that everyone has. The only thing that matters to them is money. Blame game has started. Money is important than lives?

People are dying for money. And some are dying because of money.

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3 thoughts on “Greed

  1. I´m poor, literally according to the U.S. There if you make 20,000$ minus you are poor. I make a month 300$, paid by the Social Security, with that I pay rent, food, ciiiiiiiigaretes, booze, e.t.c. So in my opinión it might help me get a job here in Spain that most people are out of work by the way, it might hellp us live in a competitive full of capitalist and then see who is best for the job instead of me getting odd Jobs in consturction, a round here or there as a bartender, you name it I do it. Also been in the Spanish Legión 5 years or almost five so at my age 36 if they take me again I´ll go for it. Money…..just live in the streets as I have and then tell me how much money is importatnt, not even go that far, you tell me living myself in a shit town paying 130$ for a rent room and not having money to pay the bills since I would take it out of my food supply….. which I did and now at the 19 of this month I have 5 dollars for food. Money? Not important at all.
    Still love ya though, just a difference of opinions. Usually are people that have money that complain about money, is money going to solve your problems? No, but it does help.

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