A toy

Life is like a toy, it is not a metal alloy.

Life is like a toy. If you treat it good it will make your life wonderful but if you treat it bad it will make your life miserable. If the toy by chance falls then either it will die or it will become useless. Live with the toy, the gift don’t miss use it, become it’s friend and it will take you to bliss .

My toy


The name is copied from avengers but the content is different.

Every person in his or her life has to face death and before death their is a game of heart.

In this 99% die but 1% survive we all should be ready to face it.
Life is a game in which there is no win and no loss it is all how you play.

Be happy some die before you.


A life is a lesson to learn,It’s an opportunity to become.

in life we should not have attachment towards others otherwise we will not be able to live without others.

Every bird has to leave the family to live and get food.

if you will not get independent then it will be tough for you to live life.

be like the water that goes away when the fish is trapped in a net.

fish dies because of the love of water but water escapes to live.

So always be ready to face the consequences.

Real neat blog award

Thank you petrel41 for nominating me, you are experienced and write really well.

My favourite visual artist is Pablo Picasso. And my favourite bird is a peacock.

My favourite mammal is a elephant,a very calm one. I don’t have any favourite insect.

My favourite plant is a bamboo palm.

The most visiters are from India actually I don’t know the reason why?

I will go to a black hole safely if I will get a chance.

My nominees are-

just show don’t tell

The godly chic diaries



Tara Caribou



The questions are the same, I liked them……….


In a thousand of people you can feel lost but will still find your friends. In a hundred of people you will not be lost but be not be able to find your friends. In a dozen of people you will not be lost but surely have no friend.

Do friends give comfort or not being lost gives it all.

Friends can betray but why will a stranger betray????

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